Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Biological Sciences USA

It is the purpose of the Department of Biological Sciences to develop in its students a thorough understanding and an appreciation of the principles underlying the basic functions of living organisms. The curriculum is designed for those students wishing to enter graduate, medical, dental, or allied health schools, as well as for those planning to teach in elementary or secondary schools.Opportunity is also available for laboratory research for those planning to enter research careers.High School PreparationCourses in biology, chemistry, general science, and mathematics are all highly desirable, and it is strongly recommended that all high school students wishing to pursue a career in the sciences take these classes.Application for AdmissionTo be admitted as a major in the Department of Biological Sciences, students must have completed at least 32 hours of course work, including EN 112 Freshman Composition and BI 132 General Biology, and have an overall GPA of 2.25.Exit ExaminationAll senior biology majors are required to take one of the following exit examinations: the ETS Biology Test, which must be passed within two standard deviations of the national norm or the RE Advanced Biology Test which must be passed with a score of at least 850.Career OpportunitiesBiology remains the major of choice for students who desire to become medical doctors. However, biology, the study of living things, is a science that encompasses many specialties and opportunities for rewarding careers. Modern biology pursues the quest for a full understanding, at the molecular level, of the basic mechanisms underlying life processes, while also concerning itself with current social issues related to human health, behavior, overpopulation, and the impact made on the earth’s natural, life-sustaining environment. Many trained biologists and health professionals will be needed in the search for effective answers to such dilemmas as AIDS, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inborn errors of metabolism.Graduates from this department may also pursue careers in agriculture, allied health professions, environmental sciences, dentistry, medicine, and teaching.
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