Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Faulkner University - USA

Faulkner University offers several graduate programs.
Master of Criminal Justice Faulkner University offers the Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) through its Department of Criminal Justice in the Alabama College of Arts and Sciences. The MCJ is a totally online program designed to integrate Christian ethical and moral perspectives within the criminal justice system. This graduate degree program is designed with a legal focus for practitioners and offers a broad-based approach to the study of Criminal Justice.
Master of Science in Management Faulkner University offers a Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree through its Harris College of Business and Executive Education. The MSM is designed to develop business, leadership, and operational skills by focusing on career development that incorporates technology and a forward thinking approach. This 3 semester program is intended to enhance the learning horizons of executives by offering a blend of courses vital for a business career in the 21st century.
Faulkner's MSM program distinguishes itself in many ways: from the motivation, drive, and academic quality of its students, to the teaching excellence of its faculty, and to the accomplishments of its alumni. The University seeks to preserve the relationship between the executive-oriented educational experience and the dynamics of Christian living by integrating business ethics throughout the MSM curriculum.
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is a 36-hour program with the option of 30 hours of coursework and a thesis or the option of 36 hours of coursework. With either option a comprehensive written examination and an oral examination or interview are required. The degree program consists of an 18-hour core with a strong biblical emphasis plus a major in one of five tracks (areas of concentration):
The following major tracks are available in the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program:
New Testament,
Old Testament, and
Youth and Family Ministry.
With a strong core and a variety of major tracks, the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies provides both sound preparation for more effective service in the church and a broad base for further training if the student wishes to specialize in more advanced graduate study.
Master of Liberal Arts
The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree is a one year (full-time) 30-hour thesis master’s degree with 18 hours of core courses, 9 hours from a combination of Graduate Seminars and Directed Readings, and 3 hours for the thesis.
Concentrations are available in history, literature, and philosophy. The MLA is preparatory for doctoral studies in each of these disciplines.
Master of Education
The Master of Education Degree (leading to the Alternative A Fifth Year Certificate) is a 40-hour program with 24 hours in core courses and 16 more hours being offered in content courses. Toward the completion of the coursework, a written comprehensive examination and an oral examination, or interview, are required. The content choices are the following: History, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education, English, and Elementary Education.
With a strong core and a variety of content areas, the Master of Education Degree provides a broad base as well as specific content areas to anchor a career as a classroom teacher. There is also room for future growth if the candidate wishes to further his or her education beyond the Master’s Degree.
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