Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Graduate Programs - USA

Review the information in the pages of this section on degree programs, specific department requirements, and application deadlines. Deadlines pertain to applicants for Autumn Quarter, the only quarter for which most departments admit new graduate students. A complete application, official transcripts, letters of recommendation and official GRE scores must be submitted by all applicants.
Unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers have the area code of "650".
To ensure prompt delivery, include the department’s 4-digit mail code following the postal code (94305-xxxx). Mail codes are listed in the chart (MC:xxxx). Follow this format when mailing documents:
Admissions CommitteeDepartment of (name)Stanford University(street address)Stanford, CA 94305-xxxx
The departments and interdisciplinary programs listed in the following pages consider applicants for admission to graduate study. In addition to University application requirements, departments may specify additional application requirements and information. Department entries include the following:
Degrees for which applicants may apply.
Application deadline for Ph.D. admission and for departmental awards (all departments consider doctoral applicants for departmental awards).
Application deadline for master’s admission with and without departmental awards. Unless indicated, aid is not available for master’s programs.
Additional test score requirements. Note: GRE General Test scores are required of all applicants.
Additional application requirements. Unless indicated, supporting documents will not be returned. More Details : www.study-us.info

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